Water Broker Comparison | Temporary Allocation Water Price Aggregator

Water Brokers Price Comparison

What you will find on this page is a comparison of prices for temporary allocation water among different water brokers. This enables greater transparency in the water market and when you come to trade with Water Broking World, you can also use this as a guide.

You might also be interested in the Water Trading Opportunities Chart. It is a schematic of the rivers and channels which shows you where you can trade your water to and from. This is useful if you see a better price in a different trading zone on the price comparison tables.

Bid price is that which buyers are willing to pay and ask is that which sellers are asking to be paid.

Under maintenance

$0 transfers appear in the above table because they are transfers within the one business. Another thing is there is a time delay between when a trade is contracted and when it is approved, so the market price might have moved in that time. Also, you might see transfers well outside of the spot market price because they are deliveries of forward contracts.

There’s a better water broker out there

Temp water prices

Click here for the Water Broking World temporary allocation water market or click here to register and submit a temporary water buy or sell order

About the Aggregator

Every couple of hours a web scraper copies the prices from other brokers’ websites, then displays it on this page.┬áSo this page shows what price temp water is trading at across most water brokers, markets and exchanges. Sometimes the other broker’s page doesn’t load or there are no parcels for sale/sought/sold, which is why sometimes nothing appears in a cell.

Prices are before commission and transfer fees, so the actual amount paid or received will be different to the prices brokers have listed as the consideration.

Water Broking World makes no guarantee of the accuracy of this information. This feature is continuously in development, so check back regularly.