Permanent Water Prices

This page shows permanent water price history in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. For live market prices, please see the permanent water market page. Prices are updated monthly.

Permanent Water Prices

South Australia

MonthPrice [$/ML]Volume [ML]
Jun 173030462
May 1730412789
Apr 1730001371
Mar 17295467
Feb 172971490
Jan 1729051125
Dec 1629481498
Nov 162837217
Oct 16279755
Sep 162999261
Aug 162980167
Jul 163005341

New South Wales

Temporarily unavailable.


Temporarily unavailable.


We can also find prices for other water assets not on this page. Please contact us with your queries.

Prices are for each share component on the water licence. Water licences go by different names in different jurisdictions. In South Australia, it’s Water Licence, in New South Wales, it’s Water Access Licence and in Victoria it’s Water Entitlement Entity. In private IIOs, it goes by different names.

For NSW WALs, GS is short for General Security and HS is short for High Security. Similarly, for Victorian WEEs, HR is short for High Reliability and LR is short for Low Reliability.

$0 trades and outliers are not included in these figures.

Unit prices are Volume-Weighted Average Prices (VWAP).