Out of Business Water Brokers

Those who are no longer trading

If you’re searching for these brokers, they are no longer in business! Many have tried the water brokering business over the years and like any industry, most go out of business. They might be insolvent, might have retired or gone on to other things. These brokers are removed or deregistered with ASIC or their business name has been removed or cancelled. Water Broking World will help you with your water trading queries, here is our home page.

  • AAA Water Brokers
  • Agricultural Water Exchange
  • Australian Water Investments Pty Ltd
  • AWS Water Brokers Pty. Ltd.
  • Central Water Exchange Pty Ltd
  • Goulburn-Murray Water Exchange
  • John’s Water Exchange
  • MIA Water Brokers
  • Murray Valley Water Brokers and Valuers
  • Murray Valley Water Exchange
  • Murrumbidgee Water Exchange
  • Northern Victorian Water Exchange
  • Nicol Projects
  • Rural Water Brokers Pty Ltd
  • South East Water Broker
  • VIC Water Brokers Pty Ltd
  • Water Brokers S.A. Pty Ltd
  • Water Exchange Victoria
  • Water Market Australia
  • Water Trade Pty Ltd
  • Water Traders

Even though they’re not deregistered, it appears that Percat Group Pty Ltd trading as Percat Water, is no longer trading.

There have been a number of mergers and small brokers have moved onto other exchanges. We have most of our current competitors on the temporary water price page.