Inflow Forecasts to Storages

This page shows the latest forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology for the streamflows near the main storages in Victoria and New South Wales. The forecast is for how likely it is that we’ll achieve the same inflow at this time of year as a median year. It’s our best prediction of how full the major dams will be in the near future. Current dam levels are on this page.

Below the heading is the actual water source being forecast. Some are the storages themselves, while some are rivers or creeks near the storage. For those that are just near the storage, the percentage forecast will be pretty close to the percentage forecast for the storage, but the volumes might be lower in these figures because there are other watercourses that flow into the storages.

Forecast date range: July 2018 to September 2018

Dartmouth Dam

Inflow to Dartmouth Reservoir (Mitta Mitta River)

How Likely
Low Flow 33.30 %
Median Flow 33.42 %
High Flow 33.28 %

Hume Dam

Inflow to Lake Hume, apart from that from Dartmouth Reservoir (Murray River)

How Likely
Low Flow 50.28 %
Median Flow 39.70 %
High Flow 10.02 %

Eildon Dam

Lake Eildon (Goulburn River)

How Likely
Low Flow 38.46 %
Median Flow 37.98 %
High Flow 23.56 %

Burrinjuck Dam

Goodradigbee River (flows into Lake Burrinjuck on the Murrumbidgee River)

How Likely
Low Flow 49.60 %
Median Flow 38.82 %
High Flow 11.58 %

Blowering Dam

Goobarragandra River at Lacmalac (near Tumut River)

How Likely
Low Flow 53.14 %
Median Flow 35.60 %
High Flow 11.26 %


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