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Water Market Guide for December

Basin-wide Storages in the Murray–Darling Basin have now dropped below 50 % full in aggregate. Link New parliamentary report finds that groundwater reserves are underestimated and the current regulations do not account for the full impacts of mining. Link Murray Hardyhead populations increase in part thanks to Commonwealth Environmental Water. Link Victoria Specific Lower Murray… Read More »

Water Market Trends (Plus News)

Water Market Trends Last month two water trading reports came out: Aither 2017-18 REVIEW AND 2018-19 OUTLOOK This report covers is mainly concerned with prices. Their forecast for average annual prices is $315 per ML. Link (PDF) Victorian Water Trading Annual Report for 2017-18 This report shows the trends in where and how much water… Read More »

Water Market Movers for October 2018

Basin-wide The Barmah Choke constraint may be eased as the NSW government has asked Murray Irrigation Limited to use Mulwala Canal. This will bypass the Choke. Link $20 million allegedly taken by submitting fraudulent projects for irrigation efficiency program in Queensland. Link 70 GL reduction in Northern Basin recovery target “locked in”. Link MDBA sets… Read More »

Environmental Water for Sale (Plus Other News)

20 GL Goulburn Valley Environmental Water Tender The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder will sell 20 GL of temporary allocation water. It will be through a tender process which is open from 10:00 am Monday 3 September 2018 to 2:00pm Wednesday 5 September 2018. Bids can be for parcels from 5 ML to 500 ML. You… Read More »

Water Market Movers for August 2018

Permanent Water Prices Prices continue to climb strongly. The Australian Financial Review has written a profile piece on a buyer who recently paid $4265 per ML for SA Murray water and $5020 for NSW Murray High Security water. Other trading zones will have different prices, but it goes to show how much things have changed… Read More »

Kick off the new water year with the latest news

Water News Basin-wide MDBA will be conducting an audit of water trades, to see why so many are reported at $0. Link Of the final 450 GL recovery for the basin plan, most will be delayed. 62 GL will be recovered in the next year, all from off-farm improvements. Link This article gives a good… Read More »

July Risk of Spill and Vic Allocation Forecasts for 2018/19

This morning, the Northern Victoria Resource Manager (NVRM) updated the risk of spill and allocation forecast for this year. Risk of Spill Risk of spill is the chance that the storages cannot supply spillable accounts. It usually improves throughout the year. Currently the risk of spill is: Murray 59 % Goulburn 12 % Campaspe 24… Read More »

WBW’s Temp Trading Costs

Water trading is not as complicated as you might think, but it’s uncertain and expensive. Most likely, the reason you’re reading this is to see if there is a solution, and there is! Water Broking World’s (WBW’s) Awesome Pricing For temporary trades, we make things easy for you. Too often irrigators ask water brokers, “so… Read More »

Trade Water Like a Big Shot

I predict that trade out of the Goulburn system will be restricted early next year. This includes the Campaspe and Loddon systems. These valleys can “owe” up to 200 GL to the Victorian Murray. The amount “owed” is made up of the amount traded to the Victorian Murray, less water used, spilled and back trade.… Read More »