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Water News December 2017

SA Royal Commission The South Australian government has announced it will start its own Royal Commission into water theft allegations. Back in July, ABC’s Four Corners ran a story on a handful of cotton growers breaking the law. The SA government has leapt to it being a systemic problem. What we know about the proposed… Read More »

Vic Murray Spillable Accounts Usable

01/12/17 update: I’ve been informed that my interpretation of the spill tool is incorrect. Earlier today, the low risk of spill was announced for the Victorian Murray system. The risk of spill for Lake Hume is now 3 %. Water entitlement owners in zones 6 and 7 who had water in spillable accounts can now… Read More »

Water News November 2017

NSW Murray Allocations This season NSW Murray allocations have been slow to pick up. This is because previous allocations were borrowed against the Barmah-Millewa Allowance. Now it has been repaid, so new inflows should go into allocations. Murrumbidgee Allocations In the Murrumbidgee there is an agreement to top up other water accounts once General Security… Read More »

Water News October 2017

Storages Status October is the end of peak inflows from winter rain and snow. This year the storages are full for the Murray system, but less so for Murrumbidgee and Goulburn. Risk of Spill in Victoria The status of spillable accounts hasn’t changed since the 15 September announcement. About 10 % will be deducted from… Read More »

Water News September 2017

Irrigation Season Starts Early Big irrigation districts in NSW and Victoria have started their irrigation seasons earlier this year than in the past. Murrumbidgee Irrigation started a week earlier than planned. Macalister system in Gippsland started early too. This will drive temp buying earlier this year than in the past. MI link Macalister link MI… Read More »

Four Corners Fallout

Recently, ABC’s Four Corners ran a story on irrigators in the Northern part of the basin. It covered compliance issues and loopholes that cotton growers were using. You can view the show online here. I’ve been asked a few times what it means for Southerners. The volumes involved in the story are a small in… Read More »

July Water Market and Infrastructure News

The following are popular news articles that came out in July. Huge sale of 92.5 GL from unallocated water in Queensland. Water in Gilbert and Flinders Basin. Fixed price sales. Story New irrigation schemes in Tasmania; the Southern Highlands Scheme and Swan Valley Scheme to come online shortly. Low rainfall not helping. Story Federal Labor… Read More »

July Water Market Impacts

Here are a handful of news stories which have impacted the water market recently. I’ve tweeted about most of these stories before, so please follow @Water_Broker on Twitter. Darling Buyback William Piguenit, The Flood in the Darling 1890. Recently, Websters Ltd (formerly known as Tandou) sold 22 GL of Darling River water to the Federal… Read More »

Foreign Owned Water’s New ATO Requirements

Water rights owned by foreign persons need to be registered with the ATO soon. This includes foreign corporations and governments. These changes were introduced with the Register of Foreign Ownership of Water or Agricultural Land Act 2015. To those affected, they need to register their ownership with the ATO between 1 July and 30 November this… Read More »

Updated Forecasts and Carryover for 2017/18

South Australia Forecast 100 % on 1 July. Source Carryover Carryover will not be available for 2017/18. Source Victoria Forecast The first announcement will be on 3 July. If we have average conditions, the forecast for high reliability entitlements is: Victorian Murray 75 % Goulburn 42 % Broken 13 % Bullarook 0 % Campaspe 100… Read More »