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Water Market Movers for August 2018

Permanent Water Prices Prices continue to climb strongly. The Australian Financial Review has written a profile piece on a buyer who recently paid $4265 per ML for SA Murray water and $5020 for NSW Murray High Security water. Other trading zones will have different prices, but it goes to show how much things have changed… Read More »

Kick off the new water year with the latest news

Water News Basin-wide MDBA will be conducting an audit of water trades, to see why so many are reported at $0. Link Of the final 450 GL recovery for the basin plan, most will be delayed. 62 GL will be recovered in the next year, all from off-farm improvements. Link This article gives a good… Read More »

July Risk of Spill and Vic Allocation Forecasts for 2018/19

This morning, the Northern Victoria Resource Manager (NVRM) updated the risk of spill and allocation forecast for this year. Risk of Spill Risk of spill is the chance that the storages cannot supply spillable accounts. It usually improves throughout the year. Currently the risk of spill is: Murray 59 % Goulburn 12 % Campaspe 24… Read More »

WBW’s Temp Trading Costs

Water trading is not as complicated as you might think, but it’s uncertain and expensive. Most likely, the reason you’re reading this is to see if there is a solution, and there is! Water Broking World’s (WBW’s) Awesome Pricing For temporary trades, we make things easy for you. Too often irrigators ask water brokers, “so… Read More »

Trade Water Like a Big Shot

I predict that trade out of the Goulburn system will be restricted early next year. This includes the Campaspe and Loddon systems. These valleys can “owe” up to 200 GL to the Victorian Murray. The amount “owed” is made up of the amount traded to the Victorian Murray, less water used, spilled and back trade.… Read More »

Last Chance to Trade Water (Plus Water News)

SA temporary water trading orders need to be sent to us by 8 June at the latest. This is to ensure we have time to submit the trade applications with DEWNR. For Victorian trades, we have slightly longer, trading orders can be sent to us up until 22 June. The earlier trading orders are sent,… Read More »

Updated Victorian Allocation Forecasts for 2018/19

This morning the Northern Victoria Resource Manager updated the allocation forecasts for next year. In short, this is what the forecast expects allocations to be on these dates next year for high reliability entitlements: Valley 2 July 15 October Murray 40 % 100 % Goulburn 20 % 100 % Loddon 20 % 100 % Campaspe… Read More »

Water Market Movers for May

SA Murray Will Start on 100 % On 16 April, DEWNR announced that SA Murray entitlements will be on 100 % allocation on 1 July. However, there will be no carryover. So SA Murray irrigators should use or trade their remaining temp, otherwise it will be lost. Source: NSW Forecast for Next Year NSW… Read More »

Upcoming Public Water Meetings (Plus News)

Water Meetings SA Royal Commission The South Australian government is still pushing ahead with its Royal Commission. All we know so far are the terms of reference for the inquiry. They plan on having community consultation meetings in most parts of the basin. The next meeting is on Wednesday 11 April at the Albury Entertainment… Read More »

Water News March 2018

Tagged Accounts Under Spotlight The Victorian Water Register has noticed a large increase in water moving through tagged accounts, presumably from lower priced trading zones to higher priced trading zones. Tagged accounts make it easy to move water when it’s otherwise closed for some others. If the tag was established prior to 22 October 2010,… Read More »