About Water Broking World

With a name like Water Broking World, you know what we do! On this website you will find the online exchange showing all open orders. In addition to the web platform, we can organise orders by post, email and fax. Feel free to call if you have any questions regarding the water market or water trading.

WBW is registered for the Victorian Water Register Portal and we also lodge trades in NSW and South Australia. Payment is made securely using Checkvault, which uses Perpetual Trustees trust account. Checkvault offers a range of payment methods; electronic funds transfer, B-Pay and credit card.

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WBW was started by Lionel Pengilley. I have extensive knowledge of the water market and access to water market information.

Lionel Pengilley

How Trading Works for Temporary Allocation Trades

We understand that irrigators are only concerned about total price after all fees. That’s why we have very simple pricing. The prices you see on the website are the total price, including all fees, except GST. What you see is what you get!

How does this work? The price is marked up (for sell orders) or marked down (for buy orders) before it’s advertised on the website. This mark up/mark down is how we pay transfer fees and brokerage.

So when you create an order, the price on the form is the amount you receive (for sellers) or the amount you pay (for buyers.) Similarly, if you’re buying from an existing order on the website, the price you see is the amount you receive (for sellers) or the amount you pay (for buyers.)

We trade water to anywhere it can be traded, to get you the best price.

For permanent trades, everything is by negotiation.

Submitting Orders

To submit a temporary trade order, please register for an account on our website. For permanent trades, please contact us.

Consulting and Valuation

WBW has access to extensive water market resources. We have access to the water registries with every historic water trade, their volume and price. Have a water market problem that leaves you scratching your head? We know the answer!

If you want to know what your water is worth, please get in contact. No matter how obscure your water asset, we can put a figure on it.