Water Market Movers for October 2018

By | 02/10/2018


  • The Barmah Choke constraint may be eased as the NSW government has asked Murray Irrigation Limited to use Mulwala Canal. This will bypass the Choke. Link
  • $20 million allegedly taken by submitting fraudulent projects for irrigation efficiency program in Queensland. Link
  • 70 GL reduction in Northern Basin recovery target “locked in”. Link
  • MDBA sets up one-stop shop for environmental water legislation and plans. Link
  • Former Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder says plans to transfer water to irrigators will make wetlands take years to recover. It’s also a waste of the billions of dollars invested. Link
  • Former Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder featured in an interesting interview with Sunraysia Daily. Link
  • The current drought is expected to make wine grapes sweeter, somewhat offsetting the reduced yield. Link
  • MDBA’s satellite monitoring of river flows trial was a success. Satellite monitoring helps with gathering evidence for compliance issues. Link
  • The National Carp Control Plan has been given more time to get the science right. However, funding is uncertain. Link

Victoria Specific

  • Proposals put forward to transfer water through Sugarloaf pipeline to Melbourne during wet years. Link
  • Constraint management projects in Victoria won’t flood private land without landholder agreement. Link
  • Following refurbishment, Lock 26 at Torrumbarry Weir has reopened. Link
  • Goulburn-Murray Water chair given instructions to continue implementing the ideas from the Strategic Advisory Panel. Link
  • Goulburn-Murray Water is looking to hire a new managing director. Link
  • Goulburn-Murray Water is appointed a new chair, Diane James. Link
  • New board member appointed to Goulburn-Murray Water, David McKenzie. Link
  • The Weekly Times summarises where each party stands on water issues at the 2018 Victorian election. Link
  • If elected at the Vic election, LNP promises to investigate constructing Breamlea and Balliang irrigation districts. Link
  • Vic opposition plans to introduce “capacity shares”, which will be similar to delivery shares, but for irrigators in Sunraysia. Link

New South Wales Specific

  • Murrumbidgee Irrigation outlines all of the improvements they will make with the Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program. Link
  • WaterNSW has imposed a restriction on carryover in the Macquarie Valley. Irrigators will only be able to access 70 % of their carryover. Link (PDF)
  • Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek Mine in northern NSW is accused of taking 1.8 GL of water it was not entitled to. Link
  • IPART is reviewing pricing for recycled water. Submissions to the review can be made until 12 October 2018. Link
  • Shoalhaven Water’s $110 million Reclaimed Water Management Scheme will be completed in mid-2019. Link
  • Chaffey dam hit with algae amber alert. Link
  • Some open channels near Yanco, NSW, will be upgraded to pipelines. Link
  • Murrumbidgee Irrigation is installing outlets that are ready to be automated. Link


  • NT irrigators are asked to use their water licences or lose them. Link
  • If WA’s Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme goes ahead, there is still uncertainty around access to water. Link
  • Small miners in WA might be hit with new fees for groundwater licences. Link
  • New dams proposed in Northern Australia could irrigate another 400 000 ha. Link
  • Labor responds to Northern Australia dam proposals as “thought bubbles”. Link
  • “Irrigation by Condensation” patent awarded to ASX listed Roots, they aim to introduce the technology to India. Link
  • USDA gives US$4.9 million grant to study how water rights will change with snowpack changes. Link
  • Tasmanian government puts forward a proposal to invest $496 million in new irrigation schemes. Proposal named “Pipeline to Prosperity”. Link
  • Australia’s largest solar diesel hybrid pump installed at Narromine. It’s a 500 kW system. Link
  • Water savings of one ML/ha achieved with growing cotton under biodegradable film. Link


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