Environmental Water for Sale (Plus Other News)

By | 05/09/2018

20 GL Goulburn Valley Environmental Water Tender

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder will sell 20 GL of temporary allocation water. It will be through a tender process which is open from 10:00 am Monday 3 September 2018 to 2:00pm Wednesday 5 September 2018. Bids can be for parcels from 5 ML to 500 ML.

You can find out how to bid here: http://www.environment.gov.au/water/cewo/trade

What will be the market impact?

Not as much as you might think. Last year, in the whole Goulburn market, 339 GL of temporary water was sold. While 20 GL is large to an individual, it’s a small part of the whole market.

15 GL Environmental Water Sale in NSW

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage has announced that it intends to sell 15 GL of temporary allocation water. It will be spread across numerous trading zones. Most of the sales will be regulated surface water in the Gwydir, Macquarie, Lachlan, Murrumbidgee, Murray and Lower Darling Valleys.


More News


  • MDBA releases 2018/19 River Murray System Annual Operating Plan. Link
  • ABARES research shows that under a repeat of the Millennium drought, temp prices will be no higher than the peaks in 2006–09. Link
  • Report commissioned for the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District lobby group found all irrigation water will be used for horticulture in the next drought. Link
  • MDBA maps over 26 000 Aboriginal water cultural activities. Link
  • MDBA opens new office in Goondiwindi. Link
  • MDBA appoints eight Regional Engagement Officers. Link

SA Specific

  • Work begins on the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme, which will irrigate a further 300 ha. Link
  • Interstate farmers are asking the SA government to turn on the desal plant for Adelaide. It’s more expensive than temporary water though. Link
  • Turning on Adelaide’s desal plant will only make sense once temp prices exceed $510/ML. Link
  • Information sessions on updates to SA Murray plan were held in Murray Bridge and Langhorne Creek. Link

Victoria Specific

  • Melbourne doesn’t plan to use the Sugarloaf pipeline this year. This leaves more water in Lake Eildon for irrigators. Link
  • Replacement of the Campaspe and Bulls Siphons completed under budget and on time. Link
  • G-MW received 918 irrigation orders for the start of the season, up from 52 last year. Link
  • Six steel gates which protect irrigation channels were stolen from G-MW in Yalca. Link
  • G-MW charges $6 million for delivery shares on farms which don’t use their water. Link
  • Dryland farms complain of G-MW sending bills for delivery shares, highlighting the push behind the delivery share review. Link
  • 65 people had their say at the delivery share review meeting in Shepparton. Link
  • Lower Murray Water says household water consumption has increased by 4 ML per day since 2016. Link
  • Macalister Irrigation District water charges will rise only by inflation. $65 million modernisation program under way. Link
  • The Weekly Times gives its view Goulburn-Murray Water’s finances. Link
  • Victorian water minister goes over what she has done and plans to do in the future, regarding G-MW. Link
  • Vic Shadow Water Minister Steph Ryan calls for water of Gunbower Forest to stop and instead sell the water to irrigators. Link
  • If elected, Victorian Liberal Nationals will review the carryover rules for Northern Victoria. Link
  • Kimbolton Foreshore Rejuvenation Project is now complete at Lake Eppalock. Link
  • Yarrawonga Weir wins prize for best maintained and managed piece of infrastructure. Link
  • Lock 11 at Mildura Weir reopens following maintenance. Link

NSW Specific

  • Forecast of 4 % allocation for NSW Murray GS by November. Calls for environmental water trading to help crops in the ground now. Link
  • WaterNSW will transfer water from Windamere Dam to Burrendong Dam if dry weather continues. Link
  • 80 protesters gathered at Windamere Dam in opposition to transfer of water to Burrendong Dam. Link
  • NSW government warned of insufficient data to approve mine in dam catchment. Link
  • Sydney’s water storage levels are falling. Almost at the point where the desal plant will be turned on. Link
  • NSW politician wrote letters to NSW Water Minister to help a market gardener get a free water licence. Link
  • WaterNSW comments on Ombudsman’s compliance report. Link
  • WaterNSW will host ceremonies for Blowering Dam’s fiftieth anniversary on 7 and 8 September. Link
  • A few Northern NSW irrigators are set to face the Land and Environment Court over water offences. Link


  • Smarter Irrigation for Profit program found better irrigation timing and how to communicate this to farmers. Link
  • Africa has large potential for hydroelectric power with only 10 % of resources currently used. More dams being planned. Link
  • Queensland government sells land that was once earmarked for Glendower Dam. Link
  • Ord Valley’s first wet season cotton crop since the 1970s is being picked. Link
  • Tasmanian Irrigation water delivery costs will fall by 19 % this year. Link
  • New irrigation technology, “buried diffuser”, claims to be twice as efficient as drip irrigation. Link


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