Water Market Movers for August 2018

By | 02/08/2018

Permanent Water Prices

Prices continue to climb strongly. The Australian Financial Review has written a profile piece on a buyer who recently paid $4265 per ML for SA Murray water and $5020 for NSW Murray High Security water. Other trading zones will have different prices, but it goes to show how much things have changed from a year ago.

Victorian Delivery Share Review

Delivery shares

The Victorian government is holding a review into the flexibility of delivery shares. 25 % of G-MW customers use significantly less water than their delivery shares allow.

There are three public consultations:

  • 1 August, 5:30 pm at Quality Hotel, Seventh Street, Mildura
  • 2 August, 6:30 pm at Goulburn Murray Water Office, 78 Kerang-Koondrook Road, Kerang
  • 3 August, 11 am at Quality Hotel Parklake, 481 Wyndham Street, Shepparton

Submissions for the review can be made online. Further information is in this link.

More News


  • Former MDBA employee accuses the MDBA of manipulating data. Link
  • MDBA environmental watering is anticipating dry conditions in the northern basin and moderate in the southern basin for this year. Link
  • MDBA renews its commitment to strong compliance of water rules. Link
  • Water market investment firm, Blue Sky, gives uncertainty around its size in the water market. AFR discusses this uncertainty. Link
  • Lake Mulwala is being refilled after successful weed control and foreshore maintenance. Link
  • Snowy Hydro scheme has left environmental damage at 400 sites, but only half have been remediated. Calls for Snowy Hydro profits to be set aside to repair damage. Link
  • MDBA chief executive comments on the RMCG report. Link
  • ABC published this interesting article showing how the water market has enabled the expansion of horticulture in the Murray valley. Link
  • Federal government is now seeking tenders for infrastructure projects for Basin Plan water recovery. Mainly off-farm projects. Link
  • MDBA appoints twelve new Basin Community Committee members. Link
  • Independent report shows the Basin Plan is reducing salinity problems. Link
  • Australian Water Association submits paper to the Productivity Commission asking for a National Water Plan. Link

Victoria Specific

  • Salinity levy in the Mallee has been scrapped, saving irrigators 50c per ML. Link
  • Mildura Council is considering setting different rates for dryland and irrigated farms. Link
  • Sunraysia irrigator fined $750 for tampering with his water meter. Link
  • Goulburn-Murray Water has backed down from the foreshore licensing fee hikes. Link
  • Blue-green algae alert issued for Lake Eppalock. Link
  • Fishing platforms to be built at Kings Billabong. Link
  • Goulburn-Murray Water chair, Jo Anderson, resigns. Replaced by Pat McNamara. Link

SA Specific

  • Irrigators are asked to express their interest in the Commonwealth On-Farm Further Irrigation Efficiency (COFFIE) Program. No funding rounds, which saves time. Link
  • Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management board receives a new presiding member, Mark Whitfield. Link
  • Nuriootpa is receiving upgrades to its water mains. Link
  • Murray Bridge council is looking at privatising its water systems for Riverglen and Woodlane. Link

NSW Specific

  • ACT government to look at water saving measures that could free up 15 GL to temp sell. Link
  • Following the NSW government’s reform of water, every irrigator now has four agencies managing their water. (PDF) Link
  • This is a good summary of the changes to NSW water management laws. Link
  • Short article on Samuel McCaughey, who over one hundred years ago, built 322 km of channels in the MIA. Link
  • Lower Darling expected to stop flowing in late December. Link
  • WaterNSW is exploring how to improve water security in the Lachlan Valley. May involve raising Wyangala Dam by 10 m. Link
  • Peel Valley, NSW irrigators are preparing to fight for higher allocations this year. Link
  • Sydney Water is investigating supplying recycled water to farms south west of Sydney. Link
  • Lake Burragorang, which is Sydney’s key reservoir is suffering from high salinity. Link
  • Former head of water policy in NSW clashed with minister over compliance in northern NSW. Claims he was “moved on” from the job. Link


  • SunWater, a Queensland government entity, has transferred the St George channel scheme to the irrigator owned Mallawa Irrigation. Link
  • Hearings on the inquiry into Tasmanian Irrigation will resume shortly. Link
  • Chris Thompson has been announced as a new director of Tasmanian Irrigation. Link
  • 5.8 GL recovered in the second tranche of the Upper Condamine Alluvium ground water buyback. Link
  • Feasibility study is under way for Cave Hill Dam on the Cloncurry River in Queensland. Link


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