WBW’s Temp Trading Costs

By | 30/06/2018

Water trading is not as complicated as you might think, but it’s uncertain and expensive. Most likely, the reason you’re reading this is to see if there is a solution, and there is!

Water Broking World’s (WBW’s) Awesome Pricing

For temporary trades, we make things easy for you. Too often irrigators ask water brokers, “so it’s $100 per meg, but how much am I really paying?!” This is because most brokers talk about the execution price, then add their commission and transfer fees on top of that. It creates an air of uncertainty around water trades.

We realise that all that matters is the total price, once everything is added up. So with WBW, what you see is what you get! The per ML price is what you get if you’re the seller or what you pay if you’re the buyer, excluding GST.

The price is marked up (for sell orders) or marked down (for buy orders) before it’s advertised on our platform. This mark up/mark down is how we pay transfer fees and brokerage.


Alice creates a sell order for 50 ML at $100 per ML. That means she will receive $5 000 when it sells. Bob is interested in buying so he clicks on his trading zone in the temporary market. There he sees Alice’s parcel, but it’s not advertised at $100 per ML.

To get the parcel to Bob’s trading zone will cost $100 in brokerage and $400 in transfer fees. So the parcel is advertised at:

($5 000 + $100 + $400) ÷ 50 ML = $110 per ML

Bob creates a buy order for 50 ML at $110 per ML and his order is filled.

Permanent Pricing

Permanent is a bit more complicated in terms of paperwork and the transfer fees potentially vary. Please contact us for permanent trades. Just like temporary trades, our rates are competitive.