Last Chance to Trade Water (Plus Water News)

By | 01/06/2018

SA temporary water trading orders need to be sent to us by 8 June at the latest. This is to ensure we have time to submit the trade applications with DEWNR. For Victorian trades, we have slightly longer, trading orders can be sent to us up until 22 June. The earlier trading orders are sent, the better.

Currently trade is possible between all valleys, except to/from NSW and inter-valley NSW. There is 25 GL of space to move water out of the Goulburn system and there is 35 GL of space to move water from above to below Barmah choke.

Victorian Carryover Calculator

Carryover Calculator 1

If you have Victorian water entitlements, you might be wondering how carryover and spillable accounts will work for you next year. It’s a complicated system, so there is a carryover calculator to make it easier.

Visit the carryover calculator here:

Water News


  • Changes to the “cap factors” in the Basin Plan may have an impact on farmers’ mortgages. Link MDBA responds to the claim. Link
  • Satellite imagery is being used by the MDBA to track the effects and compliance with a recent environmental flow. Link
  • The MDBA is launching an investigation into data leaks. Staff have had their email use restricted. Link
  • New Basin Plan agreement will secure $40 million for Aboriginal communities to invest in permanent water entitlements. Link
  • The MDBA receives two new members; Joanna Hewitt and Stuart Bunn. Link
  • Water investment firm Duxton Water is expected to get a new wave of investors this month. Link

SA Specific

  • Controlled lowering of the river level has increased bird numbers in the wetlands below Lock 1. Link
  • Barossa Grape and Wine Association held a meeting last week to discuss water allocations, among other issues. Link
  • Planned reductions to Lower Limestone Coast groundwater allocations are now on hold. Link

Victoria Specific

  • Victorian government to extend stock and domestic pipelines to cover another 440 000 ha. Link
  • Vic government announces $10.2 million to go towards pipeline which will service 75 000 ha of land north of Bendigo. Link
  • Flood mitigation works for Numurkah are part of the new Moira Shire Council budget. Link
  • SA Royal Commission visited Shepparton and got feedback from local irrigators. Link
  • New fees by Goulburn-Murray Water for a “foreshore occupation licence” have attracted an angry response. Link G-MW responds. Link
  • Construction of 40 km of pipeline for the Werribee Irrigation District to start this month. Link
  • Two water siphons on the Waranga Western Channel are being upgraded over winter. Cost is $6.4 million. Link
  • Lake Eppalock, an artificial lake, is now one of the large contributors to environmental water. Link
  • Residents in Stanley, Vic, ordered to pay $90k in legal costs for trying to prevent water bottling. Link
  • Goulburn Valley farms with government funded irrigation improvements are now being converted to solar farms. Locals say it’s the wrong place for solar farms. Link
  • Goulburn-Murray Water is implementing foreshore erosion mitigation strategies at Yarrawonga. Link

NSW Specific

  • Upgrades are taking place on Murray Irrigation’s Lawson Syphons. Link
  • NSW government put out and “expression of interest” for pumped hydro using existing reservoirs. Link
  • Griffith City Council finds out that it has sprayed Lake Wyangan with glyphosate in the past.
  • Lake Mulwala to be lowered this winter by one more metre, down 4.5 m. This is necessary for weed control. Link

Elsewhere in Australia

  • Federal government has committed to $57 million funding boost for Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme in Tasmania. Link
  • Myalup-Wellington Water for Food Project in Western Australia to get $140 million in Federal government funding.
  • In WA, the Myalup-Wellington Water for Food is going ahead, which will involve $400 million spent on water infrastructure.
  • Funding for the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme in WA was left out of the recent round of National Water Infrastructure Development Fund projects.
  • Collie River in WA may see lower flows due to Myalup-Wellington Water for Food project. Link

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