Updated Victorian Allocation Forecasts for 2018/19

By | 15/05/2018

This morning the Northern Victoria Resource Manager updated the allocation forecasts for next year. In short, this is what the forecast expects allocations to be on these dates next year for high reliability entitlements:

Valley 2 July 15 October
Murray 40 % 100 %
Goulburn 20 % 100 %
Loddon 20 % 100 %
Campaspe 100 % 100 %

For the risk of spill in 2018/19, we have these figures:

Valley Risk of Spill
Murray 75 %
Goulburn 30 %
Campaspe 50 %

Irrigators on the Victorian Murray should consider selling any water that will be carried over on their spillable account, given that there is a good chance it will be lost. You can find out whether the water will be on your spillable account by using the carryover calculator.

Further commentary on the forecast is on the NVRM website.

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