Water Market Movers for May

By | 09/05/2018

SA Murray Will Start on 100 %

On 16 April, DEWNR announced that SA Murray entitlements will be on 100 % allocation on 1 July. However, there will be no carryover. So SA Murray irrigators should use or trade their remaining temp, otherwise it will be lost.

Source: http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/news/News_Events_Listing/south-australia-secures-100-water-allocations

NSW Forecast for Next Year

NSW Department of Industry has provided forecasts for next year. They have provided a range of forecasts, but the one we are currently tracking gives these forecasts for these dates:

Entitlement 1 Sep 1 Nov
Murray GS 6 % 30 %
Murray HS 97 % 97 %
Bidgee GS 6 % 14 %
Bidgee HS 95 % 95 %

Full commentary is provided in the latest allocation statements.
Murray Link (PDF)
Murrumbidgee Link (PDF)

There is no update for Victoria since the forecast in February.

Two Brokers Fail Vic Water Register Compliance

The Victorian water register audits brokers every year for compliance. This time, two brokers didn’t meet their standards and they have had their access to the online water broker portal suspended. This means they can’t submit customer trades online, but they can still submit paper trades.

Source: http://waterregister.vic.gov.au/about/news/229-further-actions-from-annual-audit-of-water-brokers-use-of-the-broker-portal

More News

  • Water market investment firm Blue Sky Alternative Investments continues to mislead its investors. Share price fallen from $14 in January to $2.50 today. Link
  • The Renmark Irrigation Trust receives gold certification for exceptional water stewardship. Link
  • 40.4 GL of Condamine alluvium groundwater will be bought for MDB buyback. Estimated to cost $80 million. Link
  • Lack of recent rain was a positive to the summer crop harvest, but it might be the start of trouble for next year. Link
  • Western Australia’s EPA has approved the development of 3055 ha for irrigation on the Lower Ord River. Link
  • MDBA video on the questions asked by irrigators at their Shepparton meeting. Link
  • Lockyer Valley councils come together to build infrastructure for irrigators. Link
  • ASX-listed startup develops “irrigation by condensation” technology. Link
  • About 300 people attended the Speak Up water forum in Moama in April. Link

Victoria Specific

  • G-MW has delivered 1375 GL this season, up from 835 GL this time last year. Demand is putting delays in water delivery. Link
  • Valve failure has caused sewerage to overflow into the Campaspe River near the Echuca Trotting Track. Link
  • Blue-green algae levels lower than a year ago, according to Lower Murray Water. Link
  • Lower Murray Water will lower urban water prices and raise rural prices over the next five years. Link
  • Mildura Airport connected to Lower Murray Water to fill water bombers. Link
  • Geothermal water rights in Victoria awarded to Peninsula Hot Springs. They will be required to reinject some water back into the aquifer. Link

NSW Specific

  • IPART draft determination leaves WaterNSW charges at the current rates. Taking suggestions from stakeholders, closes 14 May. Link
  • NSW announces the start of its new water compliance department, the Natural Resources Access Regulator. Link
  • Griffith City Council backs down on decision to spray Cumbungi infestation in Lake Wyangan with glyphosate by helicopter. Link
  • Murray Irrigation Limited is holding its election for new directors between 27 April and 28 May. Link
  • Murray Irrigation Limited will hold a talk on its transformation at the Irrigation Australia conference. Link
  • NSW government places embargo on Barwon Darling pumps to ensure environmental flow achieves its objectives. Link
  • Twynam sold three large irrigated farms in the Lachlan valley for $115 million. Link
  • WaterNSW is currently pumping water from Lake Tandure to Lake Wetherell to reduce evaporation in the Menindee Lakes system. Link
  • The Lower Darling is expected to stop flowing again in nine months. Link


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