Water News March 2018

By | 09/03/2018

Tagged Accounts Under Spotlight

The Victorian Water Register has noticed a large increase in water moving through tagged accounts, presumably from lower priced trading zones to higher priced trading zones. Tagged accounts make it easy to move water when it’s otherwise closed for some others. If the tag was established prior to 22 October 2010, it has even fewer restrictions.

The Register in its latest article states “Customers with tagged allocation accounts or who are intending to set up a tagged allocation account should be aware that Victoria is currently considering options to restrict use under tagged accounts in line with the relevant trading rules.”

Source: http://waterregister.vic.gov.au/about/news/221-opportunities-to-trade-from-the-goulburn-to-the-murray-including-use-of-tagged-accounts

More News

  • While the powers that be try to buy back MDB water, Queensland is auctioning off 1.2 GL of unallocated water. Link
  • Similarly, in WA the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme is selling 9.2 GL. Link
  • MDBA has created a “Independent Assurance Committee” to provide advice on compliance. Link


  • Vic premier releases “Blueprint For Transforming Goulburn-Murray Water.” Link
  • Victorian government accused of holding back funding set aside for on farm irrigation improvements. Link
  • Booth Transport in Strathmerton uses worm farm to purify waste water, which is delivered into irrigation channels. Link
  • Review into Vic Whole Farm Planning finds benefits, but needs landowner input. Link


  • Griffith City Council outlines plan to solve blue-green algae problems with Lake Wyangan. Link
  • Over 13 000 people signed an online petition to stop the construction of the Broken Hill-Murray pipeline. Link
  • Hunter Valley, NSW is suffering from drought. Hunter River salinity now 900 to 25000 EC. Link

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