Water News December 2017

By | 03/12/2017

SA Royal Commission

The South Australian government has announced it will start its own Royal Commission into water theft allegations. Back in July, ABC’s Four Corners ran a story on a handful of cotton growers breaking the law. The SA government has leapt to it being a systemic problem.

What we know about the proposed investigation:

  • SA will not sign off on any changes to the Basin Plan. Link
  • Interstate bureaucrats can be forced to give evidence at a Royal Commission in SA.
  • Federal government has called it “just another stunt”, but they will cooperate with the investigation. Link
  • NSW government will not cooperate. Link
  • There is a large gap between the number of compliance officers in NSW and SA. NSW has one per 355 GL and SA has one per 56 GL. Link

Murray Irrigation Limited’s $206 million upgrade

Murray Irrigation Limited is undertaking a huge infrastructure upgrade. The Deni Pastoral Times has an in-depth page with details of the upgrades. Link

More News

  • Victorian Liberal-National Coalition announces it will sell Vic’s share of Snowy Hydro if it wins the next election. Link
  • Almost 2 000 irrigators are behind on their bills to Goulburn-Murray Water, amounting to almost $12 million. Dairy payments crisis blamed. Link
  • Victorian member for Shepparton asks for Basin Plan to be paused while alleged water theft is investigated. Link
  • South Australia’s PIRSA wins gold award at the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management. Link
  • Commonwealth Environmental Water Office sets up local engagement offices, but none for the Goulburn Valley. Link
  • More than $100 million in winter works completed this year in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District. Link
  • New type of irrigation pipe made from recycled tyres, developed in Geelong. Link
  • Victorian government to set up water advisory panel for G-MW. Link
  • Tatura water summit was postponed. Link
  • All Murray Irrigation Limited directors agreed to resign for the AGM, which was on Thursday. Link
  • Murrumbidgee Irrigation “no confidence” motion defeated. Link
  • Goulburn Murray Irrigation District receives $800k from the Victorian government. Link
  • Victorian Environmental Water Holder published its annual report. Link


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