Vic Murray Spillable Accounts Usable

By | 10/11/2017

01/12/17 update: I’ve been informed that my interpretation of the spill tool is incorrect.

Earlier today, the low risk of spill was announced for the Victorian Murray system. The risk of spill for Lake Hume is now 3 %. Water entitlement owners in zones 6 and 7 who had water in spillable accounts can now use the remaining water in those accounts.

The exact amount spilt this year was 33.16 %. You can view the exact amount spilt with this tool. So 66.84 % is available to use, trade or carryover again.

One thing to keep in mind is if you have low reliability shares, your water might not have spilt. If you carried over on the ABA attached to your low reliability shares, your water might only be subject to the 5 % evaporation loss. This is a more complex case, but this online tool will calculate what happened to your water.


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