Water News November 2017

By | 03/11/2017

NSW Murray Allocations

This season NSW Murray allocations have been slow to pick up. This is because previous allocations were borrowed against the Barmah-Millewa Allowance. Now it has been repaid, so new inflows should go into allocations.

Murrumbidgee Allocations

In the Murrumbidgee there is an agreement to top up other water accounts once General Security + carryover reaches 60 %. That has been achieved, so new allocations will be slow to rise.

Water Buybacks Could Be History

Water buybacks could be history

While most “water efficiency” programs target agriculture, there has been less progress on “water efficiency” for environmental water. The MDBA has released its report on plans to use environmental water more efficiently, which may mean no more buybacks from irrigators.

Link from sceptic

SA Murray Gets Water Security

SA has updated its water allocation policy to ensure SA Murray irrigators get higher allocations in dry years. This will be achieved in dry years by switching on the Adelaide desalination plant to supply Adelaide and removing 50 GL from Adelaide’s SA Murray licence.


Other News

  • On 10 November, a water summit will be held in Tatura. Link
  • Victoria gets new shadow water minister, Steph Ryan. Link
  • Goulburn Murray Irrigation District Plan2Farm gets $800k funding. Link
  • Murrumbidgee Irrigation to upgrade Yanco canals. Link
  • Murray Irrigation Limited to invest $206 million in upgrades. Link
  • Confidence in MIL impacted by director dispute. Link
  • For the first time, cotton plantings will exceed rice in Southern NSW. Link
  • Fall in the number of WaterNSW penalty notices. Link
  • Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme losing support over high water charges. Link
  • Allegations that enviro water wasn’t used at the right time in SA, from leaked CEWH letter. Link
  • Opinion piece by irrigation lobbyists on SA, the “selfish” state. Link
  • Tasmanian Irrigation in the process of turning on $1 billion in schemes. Link
  • Tasmanian Irrigation sold about $8 million in water rights last year. Link
  • Law Council of Australia releases its report on the integrity of the water market. Link


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