Water News October 2017

By | 04/10/2017

Storages Status

October is the end of peak inflows from winter rain and snow. This year the storages are full for the Murray system, but less so for Murrumbidgee and Goulburn.

Risk of Spill in Victoria

The status of spillable accounts hasn’t changed since the 15 September announcement. About 10 % will be deducted from Vic Murray spillable accounts.

Foreign Ownership Figures

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has analysed ownership of permanent water. Their finding is that 12.5 % of permanent water is foreign owned. Link

New Irrigation Lobby

The Northern Victorian Irrigators lobby group has restarted. Link

Cheap Water in Queensland

Queensland is selling 92 500 ML from unallocated water in the Cloncurry and Gilbert Rivers. 93 year licences for the water are only $125 per ML. Link

Other News

  • Lake Cullulleraine suffering from cumbungi infestation. Link
  • Campaspe River to get environmental flows this month. Link
  • Request for proposals sent out for $155 million Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme. Link
  • Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme proposed water charge is $490 per ML. Link
  • Fears of flood risk from Hume Dam. Link
  • MI hits back at claims of job transfers. Link
  • MIL to fill three director vacancies at AGM on 16 November. Link
  • Smarter Irrigation for Profit project gets $4m gov grant and $6.4m industry contributions. Link
  • Nullinga Dam proposal in Queensland. Link
  • Queensland plans new hydroelectric schemes. Link


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