$377 825 in Grants to “Improve Transparency and Reliability of Water Market Information”

By | 14/03/2017

Water market government grants

Today Ausindustry announced the recipients of the Business Research and Innovation Initiative. This is a programme for Australian businesses to develop products the government has identified a need for. There are five different “challenges” as part of this programme and one is to “Improve Transparency and Reliability of Water Market Information”.

The programme is split into two stages: an initial grant of up to $100 000 and then if Ausindustry is happy, a further grant of up to $1 million. They’ve just entered the first stage, so the $1 million grants are yet to be awarded.

WBW submitted an application, but was not awarded. I don’t know if other brokers applied, but no other broker got a grant either.

There are no further details apart from the recipient list. We don’t know what is being developed just yet. You can see the full list of recipients here: https://www.business.gov.au/assistance/business-research-and-innovation-initiative/grant-recipients

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